Catnip Plant
Catnip Plant
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Catnip Herb Plant

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Known for its intoxicating quality to cats, the Catnip plant is one of the easiest plants to grow in any soil condition. Because of their aggressive nature, we recommend planting your Catnip plant in a container of its own so that it doesn't take over your garden.

Catnip aren't perennial herbs, but they readily re-seed and will likely come back year after year.

Catnip sprouts attractive purple flowers that attract butterflies and bees, as well!

Our Catnip are organic and grown without pesticides.

You will be purchasing 1, Catnip plant seedling grown from seed in Minnesota.

 Sun Requirements:  Full Sun to Partial Shade (4 hours+)
Water Requirements: Moist to Medium-Wet
Days to Harvest: 90
Bloom Time: July - September
Plant Spacing:  3 Feet
Plant Estimated Height at Maturity: 3 Feet
USDA Planting Zones: 3-9 (Annual Growing), 6-9 (Perennial)