Croton Gold Dust

Croton Gold Dust (Codiaeum variegatum)

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Native to Indonesia, the Croton Gold Dust or Sun Spot Plant offers a unique variegation pattern with yellow speckles around the leaves that multiply if given enough light. However, you will want to avoid direct, midday sun to prevent leaf burn.

This plant also needs a humid environment for ideal growing conditions. You can partially simulate humidity in your home by spritzing the leaves with warm water a couple of times per month.

Sun Requirements: Medium to Bright, indirect light (within 6 feet of an east or west-facing window or 6 feet from a south or southwest-facing window). Can survive in lower lighting.
Water Requirements: Water moderately 1 time per week during summer. Water 2 times per month in winter. Make sure soil is dry before watering. Soil moisture meter recommended.
Plant Growth: Can grow 1-3 inches per year if given the right conditions. Will reach about 2 feet in height.

Plants ship out on Monday through Wednesday of every week. We also encourage you to make sure that you will be home the day your package is delivered so that you can plant as soon as possible. We recommend transplanting your plant in a clay or terracotta planter with high quality houseplant soil. Also to note, we highly encourage that your planting conditions should match the desired conditions we note above. If not, we can not guarantee survival of your plant.

Refunds and exchanges are only given if the plant sustains damage beyond wilting/transplant shock or severe breakage of stems. We are not responsible for the condition of the plant after you receive it. Please message me immediately upon receiving your plant and take a photo of the entire plant in and out of packaging.