Hot Orange Habanero Pepper Plant

Hot Orange Habanero Pepper

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The Habanero is an essential hot pepper for your garden to use in your cooking or use dried. Habaneros have 200,000-350,000 Scoville heating units-worth of spice, which is about 40-50x hotter than a Jalapeno pepper. We recommend using sparingly if you're just getting started with spicy foods.

Our Peppers are organic and grown without pesticides.

You will be purchasing 1, Pepper seedling grown from seed in Minnesota.

 Sun Requirements:  Full Sun (6 hours+)
Water Requirements: Moist to Medium-Wet
Days to Harvest: 95
Bloom Time: July - September
Plant Spacing:  1 Foot
Plant Estimated Height at Maturity: 4 Feet
USDA Planting Zones: 2-12