Asparagus Harvesting
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Mary Washington Asparagus Plant

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Mary Washington Asparagus is one of the few perennial vegetables we offer.

If not immediately planted in the early Spring and harvested before July, plants are excellent fall vegetables and should be planted 4-6 weeks before first fall frost for the next years' harvest.

In 2 years, you'll have a regular, dependable crop.

Our Asparagus are organic and grown without pesticides.

You will be purchasing 1, Asparagus bare root plant grown from seed in Minnesota.

 Sun Requirements:  Full Sun (6 hours+)
Water Requirements: Moist to Medium-Wet
Days to Harvest: 30
Bloom Time: May - June
Plant Spacing:  3 Feet
Plant Estimated Height at Maturity: 2 Feet
USDA Planting Zones: 3-9