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Greek Oregano is incredibly fragrant and is a key ingredient for pesto and grilled chicken recipes. This Oregano plant is resistant to deer and rabbits and grows quickly if placed in full sun and well-drained soil.

Greek Oregano is also a perennial pollinator-attracting herb plant, so you'll have multiple years of harvests to look forward to if you live in planting zones 5-9.

Our Oregano are organic and grown without pesticides.

You will be purchasing 1, Greek Oregano seedling grown from seed in Minnesota.

Sun Requirements:  Full Sun (6 hours+)
Water Requirements: Moist to Medium-Wet
Days to Harvest: 40
Bloom Time: July - September
Plant Spacing:  1 Foot
Plant Estimated Height at Maturity: 6 Inches
USDA Planting Zones: 2-12 (Annual Growing), 5-9 (Perennial)